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Great success and more then 2000 people attending the fifth edition of Codemotion Rome

Codemotion Rome 205: the day after. Two days of workshop and two days of conference: over 100 tech talks, 8 parallel tracks on BigData, Cloud, Internet of Things, Mobile and much more drawing more then 2000 eager attendees, 30 communities, best companies and startups.

The fifth edition Codemotion’s theme has been Space, the final frontier, a tribute to the recent departure of Leonard Nimoy, best known as the famous Vulcan “Spock” of Star Trek.

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Codemotion Rome 2015 – V edition

Startup In Action Codemotion Milano 2014

Codemotion Milan Call For Startups is finally open: a great opportunity for the best hi-tech Startups to showcase their product to developers, engineers, Italian ICT companies and large international companies which will attend to the event.

Once again Codemotion Milan turn out to be a great supporter for innovative startups to deal with companies and developers and promote a disrupting program: Startup in Action.

Startup in Action is the “event in the event” held by Codemotion in collaboration with InnovActionLab and Startupbusiness, which help the best hi-tech startups to meet the most talented developers.

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Codemotion “Calls for Startups”: the right place for the right ...

Rail Girls Roma 2014

On 19 and 20 September down with shopping: the coolest girls will attend Rails Girls Rome 2014, a unique event, absolutely free of charge for the participants, organized by Codemotion and based on code, fun and Ruby on Rails!

After the successful 2013 edition organized by the Hub Roma, we decided to bring to the Eternal City the event dedicated to girls who want to take their first steps into the world of programming: a fun way to break down barriers between young women of any ages and code.

Rails Girls aim – which, remember, is a international format – is to create a small project and to share this experience working in teams, helped by a mentor, in a very informal and welcoming atmosphere: there are no superstar but only women who want to get into the game.

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Rails Girls runs to Rome!


Codemotion Milan 2014 first lineup has been revealed! 20 amazing speakers coming from home and abroad for an edition which pledges to be nothing less then thrilling!

By its nature, Codemotion demonstrated to have a wide area of interests, and a mission looking forward to the future. Mobile, DevOps, UX/UI, Cloud and BigData, Gamedev and IoT: the hottest topics delivered by the most charming international speakers for a conference who reinvented the idea of tech-event in Europe.

People first The beating heart of Codemotion is Codemotion People: Codemotion events in Rome, Berlin and Madrid have been attended by more than 5000 international guests in the last years. This blazing roadshow is now heading to Milan where Codemotion will land on November 28th and 29th along with an exciting lineup of disruptive innovators.

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Codemotion Milan 2014: the speaker lineup, revealed! Check it out!


Codemotion on Tour! 
Codemotion team is here today to proudly present and invite you to next dates of Codemotion Conference: Milan, Madrid and a brand new, exciting entry, Tel Aviv.
We are working hard to provide to our attendees the best experience ever, and now it’s your time to grab the opportunity to take part of this amazing event: become a Codemotion speaker!

One C4P to Rule Them All!
Call For Papers website is now open and you can submit your proposals for Tel Aviv (September 14th and 15th), Madrid (November 21st and 22nd) and Milan (November 28th and 29th).
Codemotion is expected to draw thousands of attendees: we accept proposals ranging from Mobile to UX, devops, cloud, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web, Internet of things: the hottest topics about development and enterprise worlds.

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C4P is ongoing: Become a Codemotion Speaker!


“Il mondo del digitale permette a tutti di poter aver un accesso più immediato alle informazioni, e quindi, di conseguenza, è più semplice creare, essere protagonisti attivi. Non più o non solo consumer, ma soprattutto maker”

Mario Klingemann è uno sviluppatore e un artista digitale che si occupa di generative art, la stessa che ha sperimentato gente come Brian Eno, giusto per fare un nome.
Con lui abbiamo discusso delle potenzialità che l’informatica offre ai creativi per esprimersi e lui ci ha risposto che l’elemento più rilevante introdotto dalla programmazione è la possibilità di inserire le permutazioni all’interno delle sue creazioni.

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Mario Klingemann a Codemotion Roma 2014 – CREATIVITY


“Non è possibile sviluppare un sito perfettamente accessibile, ma si può lavorare per migliorare sempre l’accessibilità, per tutti.”

La nostra chiacchierata con Bruce Lawson, Open Web Standards evangelist for Opera, è iniziata sul tema dell’accessibilità, ma immediatamente ha virato verso i temi del web e del mobile web: Bruce (e il suo meraviglioso ciuffo di capelli rosa) ci ha portato dietro le quinte della Beta di Opera Max, e ci ha raccontato come il diverso modo di accedere ai web ha modificato gli standard di sviluppo del web stesso.

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Bruce Lawson a Codemotion Roma 2014 – WEB


Codemotion’s Advisory Board is our tech soul: they will be our Fantastic 5, the super gurus that will make the conference even more cool.
The main role of the F5 is to bring value to Codemotion with their professional know-how and with their experience as speakers in international conferences, but most of all because they are huge Codemotion fans.

So far, Codemotion hasn’t had an Advisory Board. The agenda was created by the founders of Codemotion Team with the valuable help of the developers communities. Together with the developers communities, the Advisory Board members will pick the most interesting contents among all the proposals we receive in order to build Codemotion’s agenda. This is a tough job because we always receive many interesting proposals. Their challenge will be to contribute to the realization of a balanced and engaging agenda with high level speakers.

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Codemotion Advisory Board


You might not hear much about them, but the reality of software development is that a significant share of all the coding goes into internal business applications that only employees, partners or customers of that particular company ever sees. A special challenge for everyone developing such applications is that employees used to web applications like Facebook and Youtube are starting to expect something similar from the software they use at work.

What do you do when your boss wants you to make something that lives up to those expectations with a budget that is just a fraction of what goes into a successful consumer app? It would of course help to use a suitable framework that takes care of generic stuff so that you can concentrate on the details that are unique to the actual application you’re creating.

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Vaadin lets you build consumer grade applications with business system ...