Codemotion Roma 2014: Announcing Speakers

We started Codemotion in 2011 as a conference opened to all programming languages. In the last two years Codemotion has become an international meeting, with speakers coming from all over the world to discuss the latest technology and great ideas and views. We want to make Codemotion more and more international and so today we’re glad to reveal first international speakers that you will listen to at Codemotion Rome 2014. Not listen only: we have a lot of announces to do in the next few days, so stay tuned. And, if you have something to share, why don’t submit your talk to us? The Codemotion Rome 2014 Call for Paper is open and you can send your proposal till February, 9th.

margulisLucio Margulis
Management, Creativity and Innovation Facilitator, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Professor in a Business School and Strategy/Management Business. Director of Juego Serio Consulting, Serious Business Games and Learning Consultant. Was the First Partner of the Lego Serious Play Method in Latam and the is the 1st Trainer of Facilitator in the Lego Serious Play Method in Latin América and the Spain World.


29859712Beat Schwegler
Beat is part of Microsoft’s technical evangelism and development team (ted), where he architects, designs, codes and delivers leading edge apps and services to showcase the Microsoft platform – with a special focus on cloud computing. Before joining Microsoft, he was an independent architect and developer and was involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from real-time building control systems, best-selling shrink-wrapped products to large scale CRM and ERP systems. Twitter
Speaker also in: Cloud Strategy Day, GoTo Conference, IDCEE, Codemotion Madrid, TechX
Last seen at Gartner Symposium

bruce lawsonBruce Lawson
Web standards lovegod. Co-authored Introducing HTML5. Guinness-drinking, kickboxing poetry freak. UK. Has MS. RT≠+1.Opera employee.Member of the Web Standards Project‘s Accessibility Task Force.
Speaker also in: WDC2013, Fronteers 2013, FOWA 2013, WebTechConference, Jfokus
Last seen at International PHP Conference 2013


jbonerJonas Bonér
Typesafe Co-founder & CTO.  entrepreneur, programmer and public speaker. He’s also a husband, dad, book addict, powder skier and amateur jazz musician.In 2011 he became a Java Champion and in 2012 he was voted as the number one developer in Sweden.He is a long time contributor to the Open Source community; most notably created the Akka Project and the AspectWerkz AOP Runtime.
Speaker also in: Devoxx, JavaZone, Scala Days, GOTO, OSCON
Last seen at Build Stuff (Dec 2013, Lithuania)

breBrenda Jin
Web developer specializing in Tablet Prototyping at Macys.com. She’s the lead technologist on a pilot agile team whose goal is to discover best practices and ecommerce opportunities on tablets.She gives talks on interaction design and rapid prototyping.Brenda won hackathons for projects ranging from Internet of Things to native mobile applications..
Speaker also in: Codemotion Berlin, Codemotion Madrid, Women Who Code, Hackbright Academy
Last seen at HTML5DevConf San Francisco 2013

warbRichard Warburton
Software Engineer, interested in deep dive performance issues and compiler verification.
Richard is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. Recently he has been working on information capture and data analytics for high performance computing. He is also the author of the upcoming O’Reilly book on ‘Java 8 Lambdas’.
Speaker also in: JavaOne, DevoxxUK, Geecon, JAX London and LJC Openconf
Last seen at Jfokus 2014

Jina Bolton
Jina Bolton is a designer, developer, and artist living in San Francisco. She enjoys creating beautiful user experiences. Jina currently works at Salesforce.
Jina loves Sass. She leads Team Sass Design, an open source task force that redesigned the Sass brand and website.
Speaker also in: Nordic Ruby, SassConf, CSS Summit 2012, CSS Dev Conf
Last seen at HTML5 Dev Conf (San Francisco 2013).
10 years in Silicon Valley, Entrepreneur, innovation, startup, high tech, mobile, cloud, android, java, Google Glass, #GlassExplorer
Speaker also in: Devoxx, Droidcon, GDGs, Paris Glass User Group
Last seen at Devoxx with the talk “Introduction to Google Glass”.



5David Pilato
Technical advocate @ Elasticsearch Enjoying NoSQL world, DeeJay 4 times a year, just for fun !
Speaker also in: Devoxx France, JUGs, Web5 2013, Agile France 2013…
Last seen at Devoxx 2013.



1d7c813Uwe Friedrichsen
Traveller in the IT world. Focus areas: Architecture, Agile, Scalable and distributed Systems, Cross Domain Thinking, Bridging the Gap between Business and IT.
Also speaker in: NoSQL Matters Conference 2013, Devoxx.be, jax.
Last seen at W-JAX 2013.



27bba13Mario Klingemann
Code Artist and Maker. Specialized in Generative Art, Data Visualization, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Code Optimization, Actionscript, Javascript, PHP, Java, C++, jQuery, HMTL5.
Also speaker in: Creative Mornings/Munich, beyond tellerrand 2013, HackerBrucke, Reasons to be Creative.
Last seen at alla beyond tellerrand 2013.


bG9xb2stVicent Martì
Master Software Crabsman @ GitHub.
Speaker also in: Rubyfuza 2013, Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013, eurucamp 2012, SpainJS, WebVisions 2013, BACON 2013.
Last seen at a DevconTLV.



sascha_1280x853Sasha Wolter
Professional developer with passion for M2M, Internet of Things (IoT), Rich Applications and Mobile Apps in all flavors. His books and video-trainings are bestselling publications in Germany.
Speaker also in: jQuery Europe, Adobe MAX, MLOVE, Microsoft xtopia, UX Camp and Maker Faire.
Last seen at alla DDC – .NET Developer Conference kompakt 2013.

a80f51e9f50553c67dba82f4fdc6f95cHadi Hariri
Software Developer, currently working at JetBrains. His passions include Web Development and Software Architecture. He has written a few books and has been speaking at conferences for over a decade.
Speaker also in: JavaZone, DevDay, Northern Lights Conference, YOW, Basta, Devoxx France, DevWeek.
Last seen at al JetBrains Day 2013.


twitterProfilePhotoChris Mills
Chris is a tech writer and web developer with a great passion for open standards, education, and empowering others to improve their lives (and the lives of others) through technology. Currently he is Senior Technical Writer at Mozilla Corporation, drummer of @conquestofsteel, ex-Opera, loves HTML/CSS/JS/really noisy music. Author of Practical CSS3.
Speaker also in: fitc, CSS Summit 2012, DIBI 2012, SXSW Interactive 2012, Talk Web Design 2012, UX Sofia 2012
Last seen at alla Frontend Conference Zurich 2013.